Recent meeting between Turkish Prime-minister and President on the Iraqi Kurdistan made headlines in the region.

According to the news agencies covering the event in Diyarbakır, city in the south east of Turkey meeting of the two leaders resulted in the 4 point agreement that mainly deals with the ongoing “resolution process” in Turkey and events in the northern Syria where Kurdish managed to hold ground in fight against Jihadi groups. The agreements says following:
1.Barzani (who de facto controls the Iraqi Kurdistan’s government) will support Turkey in solving the Kurdish issue.
2.Barzani will prevent the establishing of the de facto autonomous Kurdish government in the northern Syria.
3.Iraqi Kurdistan’s oil will be delivered to world markets via Turkish pipelines that will be ready for exploitation after 1-1.5 month.
4.Two new border checkpoints will be opened in addition to the existing one in Habur.

Agreement suggests that Erdogan wants to bind Iraqi Kurdistan to Turkey thus making it dependant on Turkish pipelines bearing in mind that there is a serious dispute between Iraq’s central government and Kurdish Region over the redistribution of the oil revenues. It seems that Turkish PM tries to keep friends close and foes even closer. Moreover with one single shot Erdoğan tries to cut the ground from under country’s generals feet. No serious conflict with the Kurdish rebels means no ponderable reason for the military to intervene in the domestic politics as it happened in the past decades. Agreement implies that Turkish authorities are seriously preoccupied with the developments in the northern Syria, where Syrian Kurds managed to oust Al-Qaeda affiliated rebel groups and to consolidate power big strong enough to proclaim authority in the region. Finally meeting can be viewed as a strong message to the European Union who keeps saying the main obstacle in the ongoing accession process is country’s Kurdish issue.

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