A first in the Mediterranean: Akkuyu NPP by Yalçın Doğan

A doctoral dissertation reads page 19:

"The main disadvantage of nuclear energy is that waste fuels must be safely stored for years".

In the same doctoral dissertation on page 20 says:

"The most feared factor in nuclear energy is the potential to pollute the environment in a possible accident. Society is opposed to nuclear energy because it has both production-related problems and the possibility of not being used for peaceful purposes. "

Who criticizes nuclear energy, draws attention to its danger, briefly disseminates this doctor against nuclear energy, whom belong these lines?

To the son-in-law of Tayyip Erdoğan! To today's Minister of Energy Berat Albayrak.

Energy Minister Albayrak, who opposed nuclear energy in his doctoral thesis, had to watch the foundation of the nuclear power plant in Akkuyu yesterday, as the fate of the fate, the irony, the hand must comply,

Just as on June 3, 2016, when, Aytuğ Atıcı , then CHP deputy, watched his own writings.

A difficult situation. But, what a tragedy!

His father-in-law, the President, he commanded, and the Albayrak suited him.

Russia got my energy pants

Yesterday, foundation the Akkuyu nuclear power plant was laid. The power plant will be building by the Russians.

I leave political relations, tourism, exports to Russia and imports from there. Russia has caught us in the slightest energy issues.

Including the Ottoman Empire, Turkey has never been a country that was so dependent on these matters.

Turkey is currently trying to help Russia to overcome the isolation politically, diplomatically with Russia while having on its own the most difficult period of the United States and the European Union, Turkey is reaching out to Moscow. While stretching the hand, its own energy arm is bit off.

Look at this table:


- 53 percent in natural gas,

- 20 percent in the oil,

- 33 percent in coal,

- And now in nuclear energy is 100 percent dependent on Russia.

Our energy security is in Russian hands.

This is very dangerous from a political point of view.

This table is expressed many times by opposition parties, energy experts, engineers, the AKP government is warned, who listens.

Big problem of toxic waste

Nuclear wastes are very dangerous in terms of the environment, as in Albayrak's doctoral thesis, not just in there, but in thousands of separate theses.

In the United States, it is desirable to build warehouses underneath a mountain in Nevada for nuclear power plant waste. The cost is $ 77 billion.

Beyond cost, the people of Nevada are rising. One of Obama 's promises in his presidential campaign is about the abandonment of this depot. Indeed, after the President is elected, he is stopping the construction of this waste deposit.

Where will the wastes in Akkuyu now go? To Russia. Passing all the Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara and Bosphorus. Don't you see how it is dangerous?

One percent of the waste is disposed of at the plant, the remaining 99 percent?

Here, in the three seas surrounding us and taking the Bosphorus tour ...

Akkuyu is in Mersin, in the Mediterranean. The water of the Mediterranean is hot. However, cold water is needed to cool the plants.

For that reason, starting from Portugal and Spain, there is not a single nuclear power plant on the Mediterranean coast extending all the Mediterranean coasts. We will have one now.

Generations are taking a foundation for a danger that lasts forever yesterday.

It is also expensive

Russia Akkuyu costs us twenty billion dollars.

Then we will buy kilowatt of electricity from there at 12.35 cent.

However, at this point, we charge 4 kilos of electricity.

12.35 cents and 4 cents, three times more expensive.

In addition to being so expensive, there is no technology transfer.

Just look what the AKP is doing there...

39 warnings on "state secrets" 

When it is certain that the nuclear power plant will be built in Akkuyu, the International Atomic Energy Agency sends a report to the AKP in 2013. A report in Akkuyu containing 39 warnings pointing to the hazards of nuclear power plants.

The objections of the relevant engineer chambers and non-governmental organizations to the plant are reflected in the court. One of the evidence of objection is this report.

The court wants this report from the relevant public institutions. They say "state secret" and do not send the report to the court.

What are those "secrets"? Is it pointing to the danger or not being given to the court?

Listen to Necdet Pamir

In the field of energy in itself, there is also an expert on nuclear power plants in Turkey's international value.

Necdet Pamir graduated from METU Petroleum Engineering department.

There are many researches in the field of energy, there are tasks in public institutions. An expert who listened to the international underground vow.

Unfortunately, the AKP does not listen to Necdet Pamir in any form, he always listens to the warning. Because, Necdet Pamir CHP Chairman of the Energy Commission!

Well, with this feature, it does not need the AKP to listen to it even though it rests on the international scene.

Akkuyu's nuclear technology has not yet been tested in Russia even in its own country.

We have the first test.

It looks like Turkey is becoming a test ground.


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