"Turkish Trotsky": why Ankara blames Gülen for the murder of Ambassador Karlov. Expert: Russia does not believe this much

On the eve of the meeting between Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Ankara indicted in absentia the preacher Fethullah Gulen. Turkey believes that it is he who is behind the murder of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov. However, Gulen is unlikely to be behind bars: he has long been living in the US, where he is refused to extradite. So the disgraced preacher is the ideal candidate for the title of "murderer" Karlova. Given the impressive list of crimes that Ankara imposes on him, there will not be another weather. Meanwhile, in the relations between Russia and Turkey, such acute issues are lacking, and hardly all of them can be explained by the machinations of the Gulenists.

Turkey believes that it was Fethullah Gülen who prepared an attempt of a military coup in the country in the summer of 2016. After that, in the United States, where the preacher is currently living, a request was sent for his extradition. But Washington refused to do this, stressing that the Turkish side did not provide any proof of Gulen's guilt. Similarly, in America, they reacted to new accusations against a religious figure. "We will consider the materials that the Turkish government will provide to us on this issue," said US Department of Justice spokesperson Nicole Navas. "We will decide on extradition on the basis of facts and US law." But if Ankara had good evidence against Gulen, she would not have kept them in her sleeve for so long. So, most likely, everything will remain as before: the disgraced preacher will live in his home in Pennsylvania, while Ankara will regularly demand it, but will unsuccessfully demand his extradition.

Why is it that Fethullah Gülen in Turkey has recently been accused of all charges? The Turkish leadership in the person of Erdogan is convinced that the religious figure through the system of educational institutions and agents of influence throughout the country is trying to seize power. The Gyulen movement "Hizmet" really has its own network of schools and non-governmental organizations. However, the preacher himself claims that his goal is not to destabilize the political situation, but to promote Islamic values ​​and religious tolerance.

Official Ankara calls Gulen's movement in a different way - FETÖ (in translation from Turkish - the terrorist organization of Fethullah Gulen). After the attempted coup in 2016, large-scale cleansings were carried out in the country: thousands of military men, officials, teachers, journalists were arrested on suspicion of "Gulenists". The Western partners of Turkey did not approve such zeal in search of internal enemies: some consider FETÖ only a convenient reason for carrying out repressions and strengthening of Erdogan's personal power.

It is believed that the Turkish president has personal accounts with Gülen. Once they worked closely together and together fought for a return to traditional Islamic values. But in 2013, a scandal broke out with the participation of Erdogan's party functionaries. The politician considered that this investigation was initiated by his companion-in-arms Gulen in an attempt to win over a blanket of political influence. The result of this disagreement was a voluntary exile of the preacher to America.

"The Russian side does not believe too much that Gulen is really behind the murder of Ambassador Karl, who turned into a sort of" Turkish Trotsky, "said Ilshat Saetov, a researcher at the Center for Near and Middle East Studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. "All accusations are hanged on him now, regardless of whether he is guilty or not. Ankara claims that the person who shot the Russian diplomat, studied at the educational institution of the Gülenists, but this is not an indicator. Another oddity: police allegedly found in his house books of Al-Qaeda (the terrorist organization "MK" banned in Russia), and Gülen's, which is simply ridiculous. There is information that the killer was connected with a lawyer who worked for the Turkish state ... so the situation is very confusing. In my opinion, the likelihood that the assassination of the ambassador was prepared by Gülen, tends to zero. But before the meeting with the Russian president, Erdogan had to show some result of the investigation, and he either did not have anything, or what he really did not want to show.

Some agreements have been concluded after the talks, but we do not need to count on achieving a strategic partnership. Turkey's economy is more tied to the EU than to Russia, and in the military sphere is based on NATO. "

Author: Lyubov' Glazunova


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