January 2016 – April 2016 (4 months) Tel Aviv Area, Israel, internship at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies. During my internship at the MDC I was tasked to conduct research on the Russian military campaign and activity of Russian MoD advisers in Syria. All relevant information was obtained from the open sources. Besides, I worked on the activity of the IHH, a Turkish relief organization, in the Middle East and especially in Syria.

November 2015 – December 2015 (2 months) Ankara, Turkey - internship at the USAKDuring my internship at the International Strategic Research Organization (USAK) I was tasked to make a report on the Russian power positions in the MENA regions and limitations of its political, economic and cultural influence. Besides, I was helping the staff with finding and translating Russian analytical papers and speeches of the main political decision-makers in Russia in Turkish. Apart from this, I was asked on many occasions to transcript interviews with the diplomatic representatives who visited the USAK during my stay there. As a part of my internship I wrote a review on a book written by Hossein Askari on the political economy in the Gulf region. Finally, I was helping the news editor of the USAK-sponsored site with writing news pieces by finding relevant information and checking facts.

March 2013 – April 2013 (2 months) Moscow, Russian Federation - internship at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies. The Russian Institute of Strategic Studies (Российский Институт стратегических Исследований) is one of the leading and influential think-tanks in Russia, it prepares analytical papers for the Administration of President of the Russian Federation. During my internship at the RISS I was able to conduct addition research on the democratization in the MENA region after the so called Arab Spring. Also I wrote an analytical report on the Turkish foreign policy and its main objectives and limitations in the Middle East during AK Party's rule in the period of 2002-2011. During my stay at the RISS I participated in a number round tables, most interesting of which were devoted to the problem of the Nagorny-Karabach and Afghanistan settlement process.

January 2012 – February 2012 (2 months) Berlin Area, Germany - internship at the Embassy of the Russian Federation. As part of my university studies I interned at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Germany. I was assigned to the Foreign Affairs department as a junior analyst. My responsibility was to find, read and work on the news articles in the German press that was potentially of interest for the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During my internship at the Embassy I wrote several analytical notes on the current affairs. Also I conducted research on given issues in the German open sources.

September 2011 – November 2011 (3 months) Ankara, Turkey - internship at the TÜRKSAM Turkish Centre for International Relations and Strategic Analysis. The Turkish Centre for International Relations and Strategic Analysis (TÜRKSAM) is one of the leading Turkish think-tanks. The founder of the TURKSAM is a member of the Turkish Parliament Sinan Oğan, who is a member of the Turkish National Movement Party (MHP) and a member of the reformist wing in this party. During my stay at the TÜRKSAM I was tasked to conduct research on a number of issues, ranging from a historical legacy of the relations between PKK and Soviet Union to the issue of the veterans' social security in the developed countries. Besides, as a part of my internship I was responsible for making news bulletins on issues like Iraqi Turkmen population, current affairs in the Central Asia and political process in Egypt. Finally, as a part of my duties I was asked to prepare a concise presentation on the issue of terrorism in Russia.

August 2011 – September 2011 (2 months) Hamburg Area, Germany - internship at GIGA, German Institute of Global and Area Studies. The German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA) is a leading German think-tank that puts a special emphasis on methodology and rigid approach in its research of the political processes around the world. During my internship at the GIGA I was able to do my own research on the Turkish foreign and domestic politics while having a chance to consult the Institute's experts on relevant issues. As a part of my internship I was tasked to do an event analysis on Turkey in light of the Arab Spring implication for this country. Besides, I shared my expertise with the Institute's staff on political and social realities in Turkey.